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Our PDLC technology and TETA Smart Glass® film system

PDLC films are smart materials that have a transparent appearance when the electric current is applied and an opaque/frosted glass appearance when the electric current is turned off. The liquid crystal droplets contained in its structure enable the PDLC optical properties to be controlled by electric current. PDLC films are in a sandwich structure. This structure consists of a highly transparent polymer layer with liquid crystal droplets placed between two transparent conductive layers (ITO-PET film). When the electric current is applied to ITO-PET films, the liquid crystals are polarized in one direction and allow the incoming light to pass through. When the electric current is turned off, the liquid crystals are randomly oriented and scatter the passing light.

PDLC smart films, the first examples of which met with its users in the 1990s, have continuously improved in parallel with material technologies until today.

PDLC teknolojimiz.jpg

TETA Smart Glass® film system is a member of the new generation PDLC class and exhibits superior performance compared to their counterparts in the world. It is among the best in its class with its high optical transmittance, lifetime, viewing angle, improved moisture, and UV resistance.

PDLC films are produced in TETA Glass Technologies's own facilities by performing roll-to-roll (R2R) processes and UV curing techniques of organic materials. TETA has developed its own PDLC production techniques and processes. The superior properties of TETA PDLC films are originated from preferring high-quality ITO-PET films and high purity liquid crystal, as well as the improved composition of organic compounds that ensure compatibility between all PDLC film-forming components. TETA optimizes its compositions for PDLC films with 6 years of production and application experience. TETA continuously improves the performance of the PDLC films with the R&D studies it has been conducting.

You can view the technical features of TETA PDLC films on the product page.

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