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Application areas of PDLC smart films

The architectural glass sector is the main market of PDLC smart films and smart glass systems. The most common application in this area is modern glass office partitions. CEO, executive rooms and meeting rooms have a stylish and spacious structure with glass partitions. Traditionally, jalousies are used in these glass panes to protect privacy. jalousie systems have many disadvantages such as offering a segmented appearance even when open and mechanical problems in opening-closing mechanisms. PDLC films offer a solution far beyond being an alternative to jalousies. Unlike blinds, PDLC smart glasses can be turned into frosted glass within milliseconds by turning off the electric current, and privacy is protected. In addition to office applications, it is smart in certain function in exterior windows, hotel rooms, bathroom partitions, toilet cabins, control rooms and industrial facilities, research laboratories, terminals, airports, security compartments and passport booths, sports facilities, saunas and swimming pools, luxury home and residence concepts glass systems are included. Another application area is medical facilities. Compartments that require privacy such as MRI and X-ray tomography rooms, neonatal and intensive care units, chemotherapy departments and patient rooms and screens can be equipped with smart glass systems.

The ability of PDLC films for reverse projection makes this material usable for marketing activities. It is offered as an alternative to reverse projection films or LCD screens in display windows. If the projection is not carried out, the films can be switched to the transparent phase and the products in the showcase can be shown. Reverse projection feature on PDLC film is also used in control rooms.

PDLC smart films provide new opportunities for industrial product designers in the automotive, rail systems, home applience and furniture sectors, as well as architectural glass. Electric curtains that provide solar control for automobile glass ceilings, refrigerators that can be browsed without opening the door, smart showcases, smart glass boards are among the industrial products developed using PDLC films.

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