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Our vision

To become one of the leading technology companies of our country in the field of optical materials and devices,


To increase the number of expert researchers in their field and the cooperation programs implemented, and to have a share in the foreign market.

Our mission

To increase the added value of the products of the wide flat glass industry in our country with the technological products we have developed,


to contribute to the elimination of technological deficiencies in critical industrial areas such as defense industry, telecommunication and medical,


to contribute to the national economy by supporting the domestic supply of the technological subsystems

Our road map

The master plan prepared to ensure that the company achieves its goals;


To develop and produce PDLC smart film and laminated smart glass

to provide infrastructures for the production of polymeric and inorganic optical films,

to carry out R&D studies for the development of electro-optic microdevices on glass bases, illumination devices in film form, and organic electronic devices produced on flexible pads It consists of steps such as developing.

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