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Self-adhesive PDLC smart film applications

Self-adhesive PDLC films can be operated by adhering to all flat or curved glass, tempered glass, organic glass, and other transparent surfaces. It is suitable for both interior and facade glass in architectural projects. However, it can be used in automotive skylights and other special applications.

Especially in cases where glass replacement is not possible, self-adhesive Teta Smart Films provides a favorable solution. It is widely used in office partition systems and especially in double glazed partition profiles. By using self-adhesive TETA PDLC smart films, the one-piece film application can be made on glasses up to 1500 mm wide. Films can adhere side by side for larger glass. Self-adhesive films can be operated by adhering them to glass in strips.

Self-adhesive PDLC films are safe and long-lasting to be used indoors and on facades, provided that the recommended cleaning and maintenance conditions are followed. Laminated smart glass are recommended for use in wet areas and vulnerable conditions.

TETA PDLC film type glass system consists of RF remote control systems as standard. 

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