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Our Business

Smart glass film production and sales: We offer the high-performance PDLC film family, which we produce with our advanced infrastructures, to our users under the registered trademark of TETA Smart Glass®. We provide our self-adhesive or glass laminated PDLC films prepared in rolls or in users' glass sizes.

Laminated smart glass production and sales: We are able to present our high-performance TETA PDLC films to our users laminated between two glasses. Our PDLC solutions, laminated with tempered or non-tempered, transparent or colored glass, are shaped according to the needs of the users. 

Smart thermal control glass production and sales: Our TETA PDLC films can be integrated into thermal control glasses, the configuration of which is determined according to customer needs. Smart thermal control glasses offer solutions that can meet the needs of thermal insulation, sound insulation and privacy in interior and exterior applications. 

Projecting and installation: Our expert team examines both laminated smart glass and self-adhesive smart film application projects, and we provide full support in all processes, from determining the dimensions to the delivery of the smart glass system with all functions. Your needs are determined with high accuracy in your projects. We can provide all sub-products in your project, from the profile system in which your smart glass system will be installed to automation if requested.  

Technical support: All technical services you need after the installation of your smart glass system are provided by our professional team. We respond to your technical service and survey requests for your smart glass system within three days. 

Product development: By determining the special needs of your project, we create technical solutions including mechanical and electronic design, precision parts manufacturing. 

Training and certification: We provide and certify the teams of our smart glass executive business partners in the field of the preparation and application of smart films. 

R&D and technical consultancy: We provide R&D and consultancy support in related projects by our R&D staff, who are experts in smart glass systems, exterior glass systems and material sciences. Our consultancy services include product development, R&D project preparation, sector analysis of a product or technology, project management, prototype development, establishing and managing a quality system, product commissioning for the automotive, construction, defense industry and aviation sectors.

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