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Smart double glazing and facade glass systems

Double-glazing systems are used for thermal, UV and acoustic insulation on the facade and interior glass. 

TETA Smart Glass® films can be used in double glazing glass in different options. Self-adhesive PDLC films can be used by adhering to the indoor surfaces of double glazed glass after the glass is produced. Apart from that, the film can be adhered to one of the glass surface facing the interstitial space. However, the issues to be considered in this case are that the film is not adhered to the low-e, solar low-e or anti-reflective (AR) coated surface, and the PDLC film is prepared in dimensions that will not remain under the aluminum frame lath used for sealing the gap and filled with moisture-retaining material. In this case, the double-glazing system is insulated after the film is adhered to the inner surface. Cables carrying electricity to the film are passed through a aluminum frame and insulated using a special procedure. Integrating laminated smart glasses to the double glazing system involves simplier procedures. Laminated smart glass is combined with other glass and aluminum frame laths to form the glass that will remain indoor or outdoor side depending on the defined needs or characteristics of the double glazing system and standard insulation processes are applied. In this system, since the electric cables are at the out side of the laminated glass, there is no need for a special insulation procedure. TETA Glass Technologies designs double-glazing systems with the requirements of which are determined by the customer and integrates PDLC films into these systems. 

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What should be the thickness of double galzing glass and the insulating gap?
What gas should be filled in the double glazing space?
What color should the smart glass be?
Is transparency more important or energy efficiency?
In what climatic conditions will the glass be used?

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