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Laminated Smart Glass Applications

We produce laminated smart glass systems by the lamination of TETA PDLC films between flat or tempered glass pairs. TETA Smart Films are suitable for both EVA and PVB lamination. The type of glass chosen for lamination is decisive in the haze and optic transmittance of smart glass. Best results are obtained with low iron glass. 

Laminated smart glass is shipped to the building site as ready to install to the frames. Installation of the laminated smart glass is not complicated. The only thing to make the smart glass operational is plugging the electric cord into the power supply unit. 

TETA laminated smart glass system consists of RF remote control systems as standard. 

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What is the purpose of the smart glass project?

What are the details of the frame system that smart glass will be installed on?

What is the thickness of the smart glass?

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